Back from MSP Southern Europe Summit: Some thoughts

Last week, on November 9th – 13th, I had the opportunity to attend the first Southern Europe MSP Summit in Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain. In those days, representatives from Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Spain, Grece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Serbia and Romania could share our experiences and our perspective on the new program.

The different work teams, made by members of different countries, could share some thoughts on subjects like event organization, state of the technology, how to put passion on a presentation or how to prepare a job interview.

This became an opportunity for the more than 40 attendants from the Spanish student community (some of them who came to the event for their first time, from careers like german philology), who could meet together and share some ideas, discovering that we are a small big family.

On Friday, we also celebrated the Community Days, an event for the MVPs (Microsoft Valuable Professionals), MAP (Microsoft Active Professionals) and also user group organizers. We had the opportunity to have some chat with these people, some of them who have an extraordinaire technical level.

Finally on the weekend we had an after-event option, consisting on a Windows Phone hack-a-thon, so we could get an idea from 0 to «marketable» in just 24 hours, and the best ideas got a Nokia Lumia 800. No luck for me, but I really enjoyed learning to work on the platform, coding at 3 AM ;), and having positive feedback from the experts. There was also an IT hack-a-thon on creating a private cloud, and the feedback from the attendants was very positive.

I’d like to thank our MSP Lead, Jose Angel Fernandez and our ADE, Elisa García, for giving us the opportunity to attend this event.

Thanks also to all the people who I could spend 5 minutes talking, It wouldn’t be fair if I put their names, because I would forget someone surely.

See you all next time!

Autor: Roberto Luis Bisbé

Software Developer, Computer Engineer

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